NEW RELEASE: The Summer We Fell by Amber Garza

Title: The Summer We Fell
Author: Amber Garza
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: August 21st, 2014

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Adam Stewart is every girl’s fantasy – captain of the football team, smart, funny, hot. I’ve had a crush on him for years but he never
noticed me. Until now.

Dating Adam is a dream come true. I should be happy about it, but it’s hard because my best friend Cruz is acting strange. Almost like he’s jealous. But that can’t be. Can it?

Cruz and I have been inseparable since we were kids. He’s always been like a brother to me. But lately things have changed. He’s different, and I’m starting to see him in a new light. Our relationship is evolving in a way I never thought possible. I don’t want to lose him, but am I willing to give up Adam for him?

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About the Author

Amber Garza is the author of the Delaney’s Gift Series  and many contemporary romance titles, including Star Struck, Tripping Me Up and Break Free. She has had a passion for the written word since she was a child making books out of notebook paper and staples. Her hobbies include reading and singing. Tea and wine are her drinks of choice (not necessarily in that order). She writes while blaring music, and talks about her characters like they’re real people. She currently lives in California with her amazing husband, and two hilarious children who provide her with enough material to keep her writing for years

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We revealed its cover, and NOW ITS FINALLY HERE!!! Check out HEAD ABOVE WATER by Amber Garza 🙂
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Title: Head Above Water
Author: Amber Garza
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: February 28th, 2014
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Sometimes all you need is someone to hold you up.

Harper Elliott knows what it feels like to drown. To be unable to breath, to feel the crushing weight of your lungs collapsing while waves crash over your head and the surface is just out of reach. The ocean has stolen way too much from her and her family. Even though she lives just miles from the beach she rarely ever steps foot on it, and never goes in the water.

Until she meets Tag Williams, the sexy lifeguard with the funny name, kind smile, genuine eyes and smoking hot body. He makes Harper want to do more than just stick her toes in to test the waters. He makes her want to jump in with both feet.

But if she does, can she trust Tag to keep her head above water?


Can I just say that this one AMAZING playlist!! It’s filled with my favorites, like the Civil Wars (AH!!!) and the Neighbourhood (DOUBLE AAAH!!!) Just that more excited to get my hands on this read!! 😉

Float – The Neighbourhood

Lucky – Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

Talking to the Moon – Bruno Mars

The One That Got Away – Civil Wars

I Am Mountain – Gungor

Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood

Dust to Dust – Civil Wars

From This Valley – Civil Wars

I’m Yours –Jason Mraz

Eavesdrop – Civil Wars

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About the Author

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Amber Garza lives in California with her amazing husband and two hilarious children who provide her with enough material to keep her writing for years.

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