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Title: How To Say Goodbye
Author: Amber Lin
Genre: Contemporary New Adult Romance
Publication DateApril 7th2014
Source: I was given a review copy from in return for an honest review



Amy has a secret: no one has ever held her hand. She doesn’t even know how to hug. Everybody thinks she’s brilliant, but that’s because school was all she had. Then she meets Dane, a golden-haired surfer whose easy charm and hot touch teach her what she longs to know.

Dane lives for the salty breeze and a sweet wave, because that’s all he has. He’s lived on the streets since he was fourteen. A drifter. Homeless. But Amy changes everything. Smart and accomplished, she’s everything he’s not. He wants to be the sort of man who deserves her.

Except that means facing down his past—and that past might very well swallow them both.

My Feelings!

How To Say Goodbye was a pure, heartwarming love story, and I really liked that about it! It was a book filled with its moments, but I think the only drawback for me was that it also had its really annoying moments. There were moments during the book where I just wanted to tell Dane and/or Amy GOD YOU TWO ARE PERFECTLY GOOD PEOPLE. YOU DESERVE EACH OTHER. DON’T PUSH. PULL.

LOL.Okay, sorry. 😉 Anyways, as for characters, they were pretty easily relatable. Both of them had not-so-pretty pasts, and both of them were allowing their pasts to haunt them. But for the first time, I felt the female lead was a lot stronger than the male lead. WHICH I TOTALLY LOVED. 😉 At the beginning, you begin to love Dane, and the fact that he slowly brings Amy out of her shell, and while she’s willing to come out and give him all she has. But, then I started to realized that he was taking a lot, and the moment anything of his past came up, he started to shut down. I was kinda mad that he wasn’t willing to do the same for Amy, and in a way, that made me dislike his character a little more. BUT, I did really enjoy Amy, because of her growth and constant willingness to step out of her comfort zone and put it all on the line. She is seriously one amazingly and innately good person, and I was immediately drawn to her and her warmth *sigh* She was so cute 🙂

And about the character backgrounds, I felt like there was a much deeper direction Amber Lin could have gone with the story, but I kind of regretted that she kept it a little too PG, and personally, there wasn’t enough angst to keep me with the story. The story was set a little too much around the main characters themselves, and I would have loved to get to know more about them through their relationships with other supporting characters, but I didn’t feel a lot of that happening. But FYI, whatever was going on between Amy and Dane, was fantastic because I was smiling every time they were together. They were one seriously perfect couple, when they were together. SIGH.

OKAY, so with everything, 3 BUTTERFLIES from me!


About the Author


Amber Lin is an author of edgy and emotional erotic romance. RT Book Reviews gave her debut, Giving It Up, 4.5 stars and called it “truly extraordinary.”

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BLOG TOUR + REVIEW & EXCERPT & GIVEAWAY! : Ellie Stanton by Aurora Zahni

ellie stanton banner
Ellie Stanton
Title: Ellie Stanton
Author: Aurora Zahni
Series: Finding Perfect #2
Genre: YA Contemporary
Publication Date: January 14th, 2014
Publisher: Beau Coup Publishing



Book 1 in the Heller Park Series focuses on Ellie Stanton An imperfect, unremarkable girl makes a hero’s journey. Ellie Stanton needed to have a good day. The universe had something else in store. Getting caught shoplifting. Check. Dumping her lame boyfriend. Check. Expulsion from school. Check. Getting kicked out of her house and then stealing her mother’s car while she’s in a New Jersey turnpike rest stop Cinnabon? Check. The only sensible option is to run as fast as she can and never look back. Now Ellie is running going cross country to raise a little hell and maybe along the way learn everything she needs to know about life.


“Ellie, can you answer me one question?”
“Yes, Hilary. Your uniform makes you look like a brown Power Ranger.”
Hilary rolled her eyes all the way back and gave Ellie a “ha ha ha” through clenched teeth. A couple wearing matching tracksuits walked in and Hil gave them menus before returning her attention to Ellie.
“Eleanor, I’m being serious. Answer me one question and I won’t give you any more crap about school. Deal?”
Ellie pointed at Hilary. “Shoot, Megazord.”
“Why, oh why do you have to turn every confrontation with an authority figure into World War Four?”
“Wait, you want to know, essentially, why I can’t deal?” Hilary nodded emphatically, and Ellie continued. “Oh, that’s easy peezy. We can all thank Mrs. Richards.”
“Who the hell is Mrs. Richards?” Hilary asked.
“My kindergarten teacher. I will never forgive or forget that bitch.”
“Why? What did she do?”
“I’m glad you asked. See, the first day of school, Mrs. Richards gave us a note to give to our parents, letting them know that parents were responsible for their own kid’s snacks and drinks.” A security guard and two Chickentown employees joined the audience. “So, Tammy, that’s my mom’s name for those who are new to the show here, she reads the first part of the note but not the second. That would be the part which gives examples of what appropriate healthy snacks and drinks are recommended. The word ‘healthy’ was underlined and in bold print. You can see where this is going, right?” She motioned toward Hilary, who smiled and nodded. “So Mommy Dearest stops off at Quick Chek on the way to school and grabs me a Mountain Dew and Twinkies.”
There was a collective groan from the peanut gallery. Hilary used the pause in the story to take some orders before allowing Ellie to go on.
“Anyway, snack time rolls around, I open my Lion King lunch box and start digging in. Bitch Richards sees my Twinkies and comes flying at me like a hawk. She screams at me, throws away my Twinkies, and then walks me around the room pointing out examples of healthy snacks.”
“You’re kidding me.” Hilary laughed, picturing little Ellie being tortured by this teacher.
“I would not kid you about snacks. It was like five full minutes of ‘See, Ellie, that’s a banana. Bananas are an example of a healthy snack.’ Finally I snapped.”
“What did you do?”
“I cried and smashed my lunch box against the chalkboard. When Mrs. Richards said she was calling my mom, I called her a big green bitch.”
The entire congregation in the restaurant giggled at once.
“Why is that so funny? What the hell does that even mean?”
“I dunno. She was standing next to a Statue of Liberty poster. It didn’t make sense, but it was very effective as an insult. That was the first class I was ever kicked out of, and I’ve been a pain in the collective ass of the world ever since.”
Hehe. World ass. That’s funny.
My Feelings!
AW! ELLIE ♥ Okay, so Ellie Stanton is not my typical type of book. But I really enjoyed her story. I enjoyed reading every second of the hardships, the witty remarks, and just Ellie’s story in general. There was so much going on not just in the words and on the page, but beneath every word and page. There was so much emotion and such a great story to tell with Ellie, and Aurora Zahni did such a great job with her words.
Okay, so Ellie? AWESOME. She was soooo amazing and soooo relatable. I’m a teenager. And yeah, I didn’t have her past or her present, but I understood her. And that’s what I thought was the beauty of the book. Ellie was a character that anyone could relate to. She had the vulnerability that was so evident, but what she said and did was the total opposite of it. I don’t know what I was expecting with Ellie, but I was pleasantly surprised at every turn. From the beginning, I was drawn to her somewhat snarky yet hilarious personality. She made me laugh, and stick my tongue out at so many people in that book for her sake, and then I also felt for her so bad.
I was hooked to Ellie and her story. I think, this was the quote that started it all for me, and made me laugh for the first time.
“Dont be a smart-ass, Eleanor. You’re lucky I didn’t leave your ass rotting on the couch this morning. I’m not the one who is going to get expelled if she misses another day of class this semester.” Tammy paused her rant long enough to light her smoke. “I’m not the one who cut class, slept with the kid up the street, and keeps getting suspended. Remember, I’m doing you a favor, so how about you shut up so we can get this over with?
“Whatever, mother. Today is Taco Day. You cannot ruin Taco Day.” Ellie drooled a little bit as she said it.
YEAH THATS RIGHT snaps fingers
OH SNAP. haha.
Ellie was faced with so much drama and pain while her own mother was beating her down, and she comes up with Taco Day? YES. HELLL YES. 🙂 I loved her so much. I loved her willingness to run away and somewhat stand up to her mom, who by the way is a total b****. And then, there was her beautiful relationship with Hilary, who was like an older version of Ellie, and a mom to her. It was great to see her grow in this books, and there were so many moments in her journey that made her even more beautiful to me. I absolutely adored this book, and it’s a definite recommendation to any of you guys who want a story to relate to and a girl who seems to have a part of you inside of her.

4 butterflies

About the Author


Aurora Zahni is a former rebel who’s trying to bring a little bit of Judy Blume and Sylvia Plath to the Twilight Generation. Over the years I have given half-assed / full throttle contributions to numerous zines and blogs, written a web movie and done significantly well in countless competitive eating events.

When I was in the 8th grade I was on the local evening news. A dead body was being lifted out of the water at a marina by the Meadowlands and you could clearly see me standing in the background watching, looking a bit excited for the camera. Looking back it may have been the highlight of my entire childhood.

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BLOG TOUR + REVIEW, EXCERPT, & GIVEAWAY: The Girl by Madhuri Blaylock

The Girl Blog Tour Banner
Hey guys!!! AH! SO excited to give you this new book that seriously gave me the FEEELS 🙂 ♥
I hope you enjoy, and grab this read, because it’s a definite recommendation!
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Book One The Girl -The Sanctum Series book cover
Title: Book One: The Girl
AuthorMadhuri Blaylock
Series: Sanctum #1
Genre: Paranormal/Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: November 11th, 2013
Source: I was given a review copy from in return for an honest review



The Sanctum, an all-powerful governing body founded by ten families, entrusted to maintain the peace amongst Magicals and ensure the ignorance of humans, has been corrupted by greed and savagery for generations, but is all Wyatt Clayworth has ever known.

A descendant of one of the Founding Families and Class A Warrior, Wyatt has always believed in the ways of The Sanctum, having grown up in the system and thrived under their leadership. A golden boy, renowned for his prowess and skill in battle, Wyatt has never questioned a mission or kill order until the night he crosses paths with a brutally injured and mysterious girl.

Scouring Central Park with his best friend and fellow Class A Warrior, Ryker Morrison, for the hybrid demon prophesied to bring an end to The Sanctum and destroy the world for Magicals and humans alike, Wyatt instead finds Dev and his whole life turns upside down. Told he was hunting a killing machine, hellbent on wreaking havoc and destruction upon all it encounters, Wyatt instead sees nothing more than a broken girl with haunted eyes and a bit of a death wish.

All Dev wants is for Wyatt to either kill her or leave her alone. When he refuses to do either, she finds herself being pulled into his life while being hunted by warriors everywhere she turns. Drawn to one another for reasons they cannot begin to explain to themselves, much less anyone else, Wyatt is determined to protect Dev and help her realize her mission to avenge the deaths of her family at the hands of The Sanctum. His abdication of his duties and his outright rejection of his responsibilities to The Sanctum create a maelstrom of events beyond anyone’s imagination.

My Feelings!
YAYAYAY!!!!! I feel like I have been waiting for this books FOREVER!! 🙂 Book One: The Girl (The Sanctum) was a GREAT/AMAZING/FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC read!! For me, it was kind of a mix of House of Night and Blue Bloods, but it was a mix of their best qualities. This book had the BEST character evar, whether it be the supporting characters or the the mains. The writing was soooo good that the story that it told was just so clear and smooth, and the plot was soooo intriguing and it commanded my  attention every second and every page. Basically, I LOVED it 🙂
The story revolves around Dev and Wyatt. Their world is rules by a group of people who are known as the Sanctum. Wyatt and his family have been part of the Sanctum for generations and the Sanctum has found that Dev, who is a hybrid demon, is very dangerous, and Wyatt has been part of the killing squad sent out on her. But, when Dev comes into the picture and Wyatt finds her, he sees nothing but a broken girl, so he takes her in, and from there a LOT is revealed about Dev’s past, her parents, Wyatt’s family, and Wyatt and Dev’s relationship *grins*
So, the main characters were AMAZEBAAALLS 🙂 Dev and Wyatt were soooo cute together, and yeah, their relationship develops preetty quickly, but I guess that’s how it is in their world, right? Wyatt was on of those boys who I fell in love with from the start. He was soo sweet, but he still had the badass thing going on because he’s a warrior and all. It was so cute watching him fall for Dev, and then it was even better when he was fighting for her. But his relationship with his family was the best. Even though they were a family full of fighters, they made me laugh more than a couple of times. AND RYKER AND WYATT? I was kind of shipping them, but not really just because I loved Wyatt and Dev so much. LOL. Ryker and Wyatt had the best relationship. They told each other everything and ALWAYS had each other’s backs and it was a friendship to last the ages; one which I admired and totally fell for as a part of the story.
Then, there’s Dev. I have to say that she’s my favorite part of the book. Yeah, usually I fall in love with the badass hero, but this time it was badass heroine, because, I mean, Dev’s just a lot more badass than Wyatt. Sorry Wyatt.. 😉 She has all the special abilities, and she’s unique, and she poses a “threat” to the Sanctum, but she’s the kindest and in a way, the most broken one of them all. Dev was the person who I felt most connected to, and I loved that she was so relatable while still at times I was totally surprised about what she was. LOVE!
And then the plot? AHMAZING!!! I loved every second of this story and all the turns and twists took me by surprise. I couldn’t help but get sucked into the wonderful story that is the Girl. I REALLY hope there’s a second book (CUZ I MEAN, THAT ENDING!!! ASDKJHALSDKJH) cuz I would grab that book up the moment it hit stores *grabby hands* This book is one of the reasons that I love blogging. I doubt I would have ever heard of this book was it not for the blog tour opportunity, and THANK YOU for introducing me to Dev and Wyatt’s world, because it was a fantastic one.



Without making a sound, Wyatt quickly found the exact place he was seeking. Ducking under some low-hanging tree branches, he ventured into the dark, partially-hidden lair only to be met with a less-than-welcoming blade at his throat. Dev had moved slightly from the hiding place Wyatt left her and although the lower half of her body remained immobile, her arms were functioning just fine, as evidenced by the blade drawing a thin trickle of blood from Wyatt’s neck. One wrong move and she would certainly kill him.

Wyatt slowly brought his hands up to Dev’s, wrapped his fingers around hers and painstakingly maneuvered the blade away from his neck. Only then did he dare make eye contact with her.

“You didn’t really think I was just going to leave you here, did you?” Wyatt asked as he moved to retrieve his blade from Dev.

She wasn’t quite ready to give it up and slashed at Wyatt’s outstretched hand, managing to nick his wrist.

“Crap!” Wyatt sat back on his heels, holding his wrist, and laughed, “fair enough. I deserved that. I should have told you I was coming back, but I couldn’t risk Ryker overhearing or suspecting anything. Trust me, if he thought I was coming back for you he would have spent all night watching me like a hawk. So I left you and walked away and it worked. Now get over it and give me back my blade.”

Despite the laughter in his voice, Wyatt wasn’t playing. He wanted his blade.

Her name was Odara and she had been handed down the Clayworth line since the witnessing of The Code of Ten. She was sharper than any Raven blade and fit his hand like a glove. Many had fought and died at his hand thanks to Odara. She was his protector and he wanted her back where she belonged, safely strapped to his hip.

“Kill me,” Dev offered the blade at a price.

Wyatt stood up tall and glared down at Dev, clenching his jaw in irritation.

“Kill me,” Dev challenged him again, taunting him with her smug stare and grim With blinding speed, Wyatt landed on Dev, knocking her to the ground. Before she even realized what was happening, he locked down her arms and liberated his blade from her grasp. Wyatt hovered above Dev, inches from her face, momentarily tempted to slice her throat and end all of this drama. She couldn’t move a muscle.

“You are in no position to bargain with me,” Wyatt angrily whispered, never taking his eyes off of hers. “I am faster and stronger than you. So don’t even think about toying with me like that again.”

Wyatt pushed himself off of her, replaced Odara at his hip and grinned mischievously. “For the record, my blade isn’t worth your life. I just want it back. And I asked nicely the first time.”

Dev remained in her prone position, staring up at Wyatt, uncertain of her next move. She didn’t have the strength necessary to pull herself into a seated position and she definitely was not going to ask for help.

“What?” Wyatt stared down at Dev, knowing she needed help to get up but determined to make her ask for it.

Even in the darkness, Dev could see Wyatt’s eyes sparkling with amusement.

He was thoroughly enjoying this little moment between the two of them. His pleasure made her wish she had slit his throat when she had the chance. Rather than requesting his assistance, Dev focused every ounce of her energy on rolling over onto her stomach. If she could do that, she could easily pull herself into a sitting position, Wyatt be damned. She closed her eyes and focused every fiber of her being on the task at hand but nothing happened. Her body failed to react. It didn’t even twitch. The body that had so beautifully saved her from certain death at the hands of those Sanctum fools just hours earlier now couldn’t even roll over. She shook with frustration, wanting to scream to the heavens in rage, knowing such action was futile and beneath her. So she took a calming breath, opened her eyes and glared at Wyatt.

“Ahhhh, you’re back. I was starting to miss your charming scowl,” Wyatt bent low and absentmindedly pushed some of Dev’s hair out of her eyes, “was getting worried there

Dev grabbed his hand in her vice-like grip. She hated him and his snarky “I realize you don’t like me,” Wyatt pulled his hand out of her grasp and gently placed his arms around Dev, helping her to sit, unable to look at her lying helplessly on the ground for another second, “but I’m all you’ve got so by all means, continue simmering in your hatred for me but do so with the understanding that I’m on your side.

“All this stabbing and cutting nonsense has got to end. If you want to hurt me, just imagine it, okay? Pretend. Don’t actually do it. I heal quickly but it still hurts like hell.”

“Now we’ve got to get out of here fast,” Wyatt checked his watch, alarmed at how much time had passed since he jumped out of his window, “and you still can’t walk, which means I’m going to have to pick you up again. Whether you’re okay with it or not.”

He leaned back on his heels and waited, for some reason hoping Dev would respond, all the while knowing she would not. Dev listened with keen interest to every word coming out of Wyatt’s mouth. She most certainly didn’t like him, but she had to respect his determination. He fully intended to get her out of this park and to somewhere safe and against her better judgment, a tiny part of her was relieved. It was the same, small part of her that was fiercely drawn to him, like a sickness almost. And it was the part of her she most wanted to Dev hardened her resolve, focused on her intense hatred for all things Sanctum and shut down.

For an instant, Wyatt thought he saw a spark in Dev’s eyes and just as quickly, it was gone. At that moment, for reasons unknown to himself, Wyatt resigned himself to a one- sided relationship with her, one completely based upon his will to help her. He stood up and reached for her, praying she didn’t have a blade hidden somewhere, knowing that if she did, this time she would definitely kill him. To his surprise, Dev wrapped her arms around his neck and allowed Wyatt to scoop her up and into his arms, but he thought nothing more of it, knowing full well she was merely using him to further her agenda.

And that was all right.

About the Author

Madhuri Blaylock - Author Pic

Madhuri Blaylock is a lawyer by day, writer and avid shoe and dress buyer at all other times. She lives in Jersey City, but her heart remains firmly planted in Brooklyn via Snellville, Georgia. Her husband, Henry, is also a lawyer, and only a lawyer because he actually likes being a lawyer (go figure), probably always wanted to be a lawyer and is really, really good at all things lawyerly. He’s also pretty hot.

She’s got a big kid, Miss Sydney, and a little kid, the one and only Dash. They’re awesome and fierce and supremely cool and able to make her laugh at the strangest things. She would love to add a dog, some chickens, a goat and a burro to this crew. Everyone needs a burro.

Some of her favorites, in no particular order: ice cream, Kill Bill, four-inch heels, Matt Damon, tattoos, Laini Taylor, scotch on the rocks, The Sanctum trilogy, Martha’s Vineyard, “The Girl” aka her Mini, Rihanna, Doc Martens, tulips, Coach and Tami, photo booths and dancing like a fool.

One day she plans to grow up. Right now, she’s enjoying the adventure.

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BLOG TOUR + REVIEW: Twisted by Emma Chase

Hey guys!!! Today I’m really excited to share with you my review of this AMAZING sequel to one of my favorites, ever!! 🙂 ♥
I hope you enjoy, and grab this read, because I definitely LOVED it.
unnamed (1)
Title: Twisted
Author: Emma Chase
Series: Tangled #2
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: March 25th, 2014
Source: I was given a review copy from in return for an honest review



Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is hard. In this heart-pounding follow-up to Tangled by New York Times bestseller Emma Chase, Kate reveals that there is trouble in paradise, when unexpected circumstances force her and Drew to “renegotiate” their relationship.There are two kinds of people in the world. The ones who look first, and the ones who leap. I’ve always been more of a looker. Cautious. A planner. That changed after I met Drew Evans. He was so persistent. So sure of himself—and of me.But not all love stories end happily ever after. Did you think Drew and I were going to ride off into the sunset? Join the club. Now I have to make a choice; the most important of my life. Drew already made hisin fact, he tried to decide for the both of us. But you know that’s just not my style. So I came back to Greenville, Ohio, alone. Well, sort of alone..What I’ve come to realize is that old habits die hard, and sometimes you have to go back to where you began before you can move ahead.


My Feelings!
 Twisted? UM YES PUH-LEASE. Seriously. I loved Twisted. I love Tangled, and Twisted didn’t disappoint. It was like Tangled all over again, except a different plot. And a good one I must say 😉 Drew is BACK. Kate is BACK. And Drew’s family is BACK. The humor, angst, disappointments, and frustrations are all BACK. So, basically, I fell in love all over again. 😉 Only con? It’s from Kate’s POV. Not that I don’t like Kate. I love her, but Drew’s POV is just so much moore. BUT THANK GOD, the epilogue? It’s alll Drew 🙂 😉 ♥
Twisted continues Kate and Drew’s story, and PHEW they cannot get it together. But it’s okay because they’re in love and they always come back together. 🙂 I know. Sounds a little naive and dreamer status,  but hey, I’m only seventeeen 🙂 ANYWAYS. Kate has always been the best. Her stubbornness and her Im-not-gonna-take-your-shit way of life has me laughing and clapping for her more times than I could count. But in Twisted, that same stubbornness takes her for a BUMPY ride, and basically makes her miserable for quite a while. BUT, there’s so much that goes on! She’s still in love with Drew. A LOT. And she still understands him like no one else has. AND she ends up with him, so all is well 🙂 🙂 Except, this is the G rated version. The actual version? HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. SMOKIN. Which made it that much better. 😀
Cutest quote ever?
I love you too. I love that you’re funding Mackenzie’s future because you won’t stop cursing. I love how you tease your sister unmercifully but would kill anyone who hurt her. But most of all…I love how you love me. I feel it every moment…every day.”
AH! *melts*
OH, and then there’s Drew *sigh* *grins* Drew is baack. And of course, he makes a mistake. Yup. And then the story goes crazy. But, that’s Drew for you! AND I LOVE IT! 🙂 Just saying, 30% of the book is gone, and everything goes CRAZY. As in, everyone’s mental and overly emotional and there’s sooo much angst, and it’s kind of Drew’s fault. But it’s okay because he more than makes up for it before and after the incident. He’s completely, head over heels in love with Kate and she’s his life, and he has the best ways of showing that, whether it be through his words or his actions. Again. SMOKIN. 😉 As is he. Drew hasn’t changed. He’s still the overprotective, overbearing, and loving man he always was. It’s just a little more in Twisted. And he was stil DAMN hot. 😉
yes i would have his babies gif
Once again, misunderstandings play a really BIG part in Drew and Kate’s lives, and honestly, that was a little frustrating, both in a good and bad way. Good that there was so much emotion and ANGST, and then bad, that it took them SO FREAKING LONG to figure it. At one point in the book, I was basically like,
and then was like OH SHIT, please be a happy ending. Please be a happy ending. Because it was just sooo much!! I loved every second of Twisted though! In all seriousness, it made me laugh SO MUCH when Drew was with his family. That said, I should probably give you a sneak peek of my favorite scene 😉
The actual eating of the meal is uneventful, but during dessert, Alexandra taps her glass with a spoon.
“Everyone-can I have your attention, please?” She beams at Steven and then goes on. “Mackenzie has an announcement she’d like to make.”
Mackenzie stands on her chair and proclaims, “My mom and dad had sex!”
The entire table went silent.
Until Matthew raises his glass.
“Congratulations, Steven. It’s like halley’s Comet right? You only get to come very seventy-five years?”
Delores laughs.
HAHAHAHHAHA OMG. I died. And there’s sooo much more where that came from. Basically, Mackenzie my favorite. Hands down. She’s the best 😉
Anyways, TWISTED? Read it. Read it now. You will feel everything you will ever want to feel, and some things you never will want to, but it’s all in there. Drew and Kate come together for another AMAZING story, and I fell in love with them and their love all over again. It was such a great read, and I loved, and I SWEAR, I NEED THE NEXT ONE. LIKE PRONTO 😉


About the Author

By day, Emma Chase is a devoted wife and mother of two who resides in a small, rural town in New Jersey. By night she is a keyboard crusader, toiling away the hours to bring her colorful characters and their endless antics to life. She has a long standing love/hate relationship with caffeine. Emma is an avid reader. Before her children were born she was known to consume whole books in a single day. Writing has also always been a passion and with the 2013 release of her debut romantic comedy, Tangled, the ability to now call herself an author is nothing less than a dream come true.
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BLOG TOUR + REVIEWS: Stroke of Love by Melissa Foster

Displaying Stroke-of-Love-Tour-Banner.jpg
HI GUYS!!! Today I’m happy to share my reviews of Melissa Foster’s Remington series.
These are bunch of HOT and GOOOOOOD reads, so watch out 🙂
oh, p.s. you can click on the banner to see the rest of the tour schedule!
Displaying Game of Love cover.jpg
Title: Game of Love
Author: Melissa Foster
Series: The Remingtons #1
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 17th, 2014
Source: I was given a review copy in return for an honest review



Ellie Parker is a master at building walls around her heart. In the twenty-five years she’s been alive, Dex Remington has been the only person who has always believed in her and been there for her. But four years earlier she came to Dex seeking comfort, and then disappeared like a thief in the night, leaving him a broken man.

Dex Remington is one of the top PC game developers in the U.S. He’s handsome, smart, and numb. So damn numb that he’s not sure he’ll ever find a reason to feel again.

A chance encounter sparks intense desires in Ellie and Dex. Desires that make her want to run—and make him want to feel. A combination of lust and fear leads these young lovers down a dangerous path. Is it possible to cross a burned bridge or are they destined to be apart forever?

My Feelings!
This was one breathtaking game of love!! I LOVED IT. I loved everything about it. I loved Dex. I reallly like Ellie. I LOVED all the supporting characters, like Mitch, Regina, and Dex’s family. But I especially loved the story. It was one of redemption, forgiveness, and new beginnings, and it was such a well written story, that I could help but fall in love with this beautiful book.
So, first off, there’s the totally smokin’ hot, nerdy, multi-million dollar game designer: Dex Remington. Seriously. Just from that description, who wouldn’t fall for him? 😉 What I liked about Dex, though, was that he was so understanding. He’s loved Ellie for pretty much his life, and when she walked away early on, he never thought he would see her again, and it’s an instant connection. But Ellie has so many problems, and yet, Dex fights for her like no one else has ever done for her. And that’s what I loved about him. The way in which he takes cares of Ellie, gets her to open up, and STAY for once in her life was such a heartwarming story to watch unravel. Of course, they had their bumps along the way, but Dex handled everything with such grace and charisma that I couldn’t help but fall in love with the man. I was fangirling so hard.
And then, there’s Ellie. To be honest, I felt like I would have like her more, but I guess I didn’t really feel the connection. But regardless, I really enjoyed her story. I loved seeing her grow with Dex’s love and I loved seeing her open up, and break her rules of flight for the man she was in love with. She had a troubled past, but with the help of the others in this book, she finally comes to fight for the thing she wants most: a happy ending with the man she loves. By the end of the book, I was tearing up a little because of not only the happy ending, but because of the beauty of all of Ellie and Dex’s moments. They really were a perfect couple, and they complemented each other so well. 🙂
My favorite quote?
“You deserve to be love. Do you hear me?
Ellie didn’t answer. She couldn’t push anything past the lump that formed thick and resistant in her throat.
Regina yanked her clooser. “Did you hear me, Ellie? You are not a product of the fucking system. You deserve to be loved, and if you have to fight for it, then that’s what you do. Fight for this with everything you’ve got.” She tugged her against her bony chest and hugged her.
NOW, you see why I loved the supporting characters sooo much too?? 😉

4 BEAUTIFUL butterflies from me 😉

4 butterflies

NEXT UP, We have Book #2: Stroke of Love *grin*
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Title: Stroke of Love
Author: Melissa Foster
Series: The Remingtons #2
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 3rd, 2014
Publisher: World Literary Press
Source: I was given a review copy in return for an honest review



Kate Parello runs a volunteer program in Belize for Artists for International Aid, where she deals with self-centered artists who use the program as a means to repair their marred reputations. She loves the country, the people, and what AIA stands for, but too many diva volunteers have turned her off to press-seeking celebrities altogether and left her questioning the value of the volunteer program. When she meets incredibly handsome and charming Sage, he stirs emotions she hasn’t felt for ages, even though he represents the things she despises.

Laid-back artist Sage Remington escapes his wealthy lifestyle in the Big Apple for a two-week journey of self-discovery to figure out how a guy who has so much can feel so empty. When he meets ultra-organized Kate, who lives her life the way he’s always dreamed of living his, the attraction is too hot to ignore, but Sage is there to figure out what’s missing in his life, not to find a woman.

Every look, and every late-night chat in the romantic jungle brings them closer together, but Sage can barely think past stripping away Kate’s misconceptions about him. Kate fights him every step of the way—even though she finds it hard to ignore the strikingly handsome, generous-to-a-fault artist who wants to do nothing more than right the wrongs of the world—and love her to the ends of the earth.

My Feelings!
*Sigh* Sage Remington. That’s all I have to say 😉 HAHA JK I have much more to gush about 😉 So, Stroke of Love is the second book in the Remington sibling series, and IT WAS SO DARN GOOD!!! I loved every second of it, and I didn’t want Kate and Sage’s story to end, because they were just sooooo good and perfect together.
The story tells the story of Sage Remington. Tired of a fast-paced city life where all he does is make money and give it to charities, he decided he wants the hands-on experience of being able to help others, so he goes to Belize to help with the humanitarian efforts. There, he meet Kate Parello 🙂 Kate has grown up with being a humanitarian, with her parents both being part of the Peace Corps, and in Belize, she’s helping with the program that brings celebrities to help bring publicity and awareness, as well as aid, to the children in underdeveloped nations.
On that note, WOW. The first thing that struck me in this book was how selfless and innately kind Kate and Sage both were. Of course, at the beginning, Kate thinks of Sage as just another arrogant celebrity looking for a good publicity stunt, but she eventually figures out that’s not true, and dang, was it wonderful. 🙂 As for Sage? He falls for Kate pretty much right off the bat, and throughout the book, he proves himself to be not only the opposite of the stereotypical celebrity, but the perfect match for Kate.
“A time filler,” he repeated. “You make me want to fill time over and over again. I never realized I had so much downtime to be filled.” He nuzzled against her neck. “Kate,” he whispered. “You’re so much more than a time filler. It scared the shit out of me.”
AH! Honestly, after reading Game of Love, I didn’t think theses Remingtons could get any hotter or any more swoonworthy, but if Dex was hot, Sage was FIRE. Sage was the perfect man, filled with the best intentions, and it was sooo cute seeing him prove himself, and help the kids create the mural. And his art sessions? *SWOOON* I love me a hot artist. 😉 And I had some serious Kate-love as well. 🙂 I think I connected to Kate more than I did to Ellie, but personally, I liked Kate’s character a lot more. (not that I didn’t love Ellie or anything, but…) She was so headstrong, which made her worthwhile to read about, but when she opened up, it was such a beautiful thing. She gave her heart to Sage and *SIGH*. I want a piece of that 😉
OH and did I mention Luce and Sage’s family. No? WELL THEY’RE AWESOME. Luce is Kate’s best friend in Belize, and she seriously pushes Kate towards the attraction she has for Sage. Not to mention she was really cute, and well, awesome.
Luce sighed. “This is better than a romance novel. Just don’t sweep her off her feet an take her on my bed.”
LOL SEE???? 😉
This books had ALL KINDS OF MOMENTS.
 It had the “AWWW this is soo sweet” moments
And then, it had these kinds of moments:
Stroke of Love was one HOT, FUNNY, BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN, and WONDERFUL story. It showed the life of two really good people coming together and trying to make themselves happy by being with each other, and the instantaneous connection and chemistry between Kate and Sage keeps the book alive and gooorgeous, may I say. 😉 I enjoyed this read SOOO much, and it’s a definite recommendation for all the happy ending lovers out there 🙂
4.5 butterflies

About the Author

Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning  author. She writes contemporary romance, new adult, contemporary women’s
fiction, suspense, and historical fiction with emotionally compelling characters that  stay with you long after you turn the last page. Her books have been  recommended by USA Today’s book blog, Hagerstown Magazine, The Patriot, and several other print venues. She is the founder of the Women’s Nest, a social and support community for women, and the World Literary Café. When she’s not writing, Melissa helps authors navigate the publishing industry through her author training programs on Fostering Success. Melissa has been published in Calgary’s Child Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Women Business Owners magazine.Melissa enjoys discussing her books with book clubs and reader groups, and welcomes an invitation to your event.

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AND!!! Be sure to check out these other books by Melissa Foster!!

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Sisters in Love: Amazon | B&N

Lovers at Heart: Amazon | B&N 

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BLOG TOUR + REVIEWS & GIVEAWAY: Declaration by Rachael Wade

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Hey guys!!! Today I’m happy to share with you my thoughts on Rachael Wade’s books.
Beware. These ones are filled with drama, and they are such a roller coaster, but it’s all worth it in the end 😉
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Title: Reservation
Author: Rachael Wade
Series: Preservation #2
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:
Source: I was given a review copy in return for an honest review



A sequel to the Amazon bestselling romance, Preservation, told from Ryan’s point of view.

Old Habits Die Hard.

Ryan Campbell is not only leaving his title of Professor behind to move on to bigger and better things at Simon and Warden Publishing, he’s also become Seattle’s rising literary star. Sitting on the overwhelming cusp of newfound fame, he learns soon enough that being popular has its downside.

Attracted to the buzz surrounding his new career, former lovers begin to creep back into his life, and potential ones emerge with enticing advances. While he works to juggle reserved, yet stressful, wedding plans with Kate and his new public image, he has enough to manage without worrying about Carter and Dean—Kate’s loveable albeit eccentric friends—and their latest shenanigans.

Surrounded by a lifestyle that includes temptation at every turn, Ryan finds himself immersed in a world full of scandal and lies, where his oldest weaknesses thrive and his ghosts return to haunt him. Questioning whether his life with Kate is his best path, he must discover if he’s still capable of being the man he aspired to be when she first became his, or if happily ever after is only an illusion.

My Feelings!
SOOO, Reservation? I liked it 🙂 Or more specifically, I had mixed feelings about it. First of all, I should tell you that I’m a girl who’s all for the drama. I mean, the angst and the fears and the troubles characters have in their lives and the things they have to do get over those bumps in the road make the story that much better. But, still. There’s a limit to how much I can handle, and I felt that Reservation crossed that limit a little. But, not to say that it wasn’t a good read!! Because it actually was a pretty good one.
The story starts off after the first book, Preservation, ends. BUT this time, we get Ryan’s point of view. If you haven’t read Preservation yet, you should probably do that first because there’s just so much that goes on that I feel like it’s necessary to read the first to understand the second. Anyways, Ryan.
This was basically how I felt about him. Ryan was my typical swoonworthy male. He was completely HOT and the chemistry between him and Kate was OFF THE CHARTS. It was so fun to read their romance and their good days, because it just made me feel so happy. But, then come his decision-making skills. Honestly, not so great. I was so frustrated with him at points, and yeah, I got that he was in a whole new environment being famous and all, but SERIOUSLY, RYAN? SERIOUSLY? At some points, I just wanted to smack him. What I liked most about this though, was that I got to hear a little of Ryan’s thinking about the stuff he did in Preservation and everything about what he does in Reservation. Book 1 is Kate’s POV, and I really did like Kate! But, hearing Ryan’s side of the story made his asshat moves a little more credible and clear. It explained some things that I needed explained 😉 YAY!
Kate was the same old Kate. HAHAHA. JK. I really did appreciate Kate in this one, but just like Ryan, she just had waaay too much going on. She had some issues that she needed to deal with, and sometimes I do think she put Ryan through hell for her own selfish reasons, but I also loved the fact that she was willing to face her problems, and she really did try and save everything in her life. I loved the reality and love that Kate brought to Reservation, because it was only through his feelings for her that I got to see the Ryan I love and the Ryan I adore.
In all honesty, this book was one HELL of a ride. I went through happiness, pure joy to sheet-tearing frustration and anger. Ryan’s trying to balance his new life of a celebrity, but he’s pulled in so many different directions, and that alone puts such a strain on his relationship with Kate. I felt for Kate. I really did, and I appreciated her calling Ryan out on his b.s. and his failures, because I felt that if he couldn’t handle everything, he didn’t deserve it. Kate made him work for their love, and she fought for it too. HARD. And that was one of the better things about the book. The chemistry between the two of them was still HOT HOT HOT. Their times together were fun and warm, but their troubles had me worrying the ENTIRE book. I was so torn about not only whether they would get through everything (because there were just SOOO many problems) or if they wouldn’t and this relationship that was fought so hard for would crumble to pieces.
I was really invested in Kate and Ryan’s story. Carter, Kate’s best friend secretly crushing on her, was probably my favorite character because he was one of the people who just said it like it was, and I appreciated that. AND I really was rooting for him 😉 BUT ITS OKAY because I get him all to myself in Declaration, aka book 3 😀 Anyways, the only con about Reservation was the over-the-top drama. I thought there was a little too much of everything: frustration, angst, ego, miscommunication, etc. It made for a GREAT story, which I really did enjoy, and a GREAT couple, and I would definitely recommend you give it a go 🙂

3.5 dramatic butterflies from me 😉

4 butterflies

NEXT UP, We have Book #3, and this tour’s spotlight: DECLARATION, aka Carter’s AMAZING story  *grins*
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Author: Rachael Wade
Series: Preservation #3
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: October 7th, 2013
Source: I was given a review copy in return for an honest review



Featuring characters from Love and Relativity.

Carter Montgomery spent most of his life blending in, and he liked it that way. It was always better to be seen, not heard. And while a theatric streak and friendly demeanor might have fooled most people, he knew the truth—he was the shy one. The quiet kid most people forgot about. Some might have considered that a bad thing, but those people all wanted to be in the spotlight.

The only place Carter didn’t mind attention was on stage, with The Hellions. Once content in his comfort zone in Seattle, Washington, he only knew three things: confrontation was to be avoided, keeping the peace was priority, and the moment he lost Kate Parker to Professor Ryan Campbell, he had no clue what to do with his life. Playing gigs, working at Pike Place Market, and watching BBC after the love of his life sailed off into the sunset just wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

Desperate to escape his rut, he takes a cue from Kate and chooses a random place to relocate—a small island across the country, where no one knows his name and memories of unrequited love aren’t found at every turn. Just when he thinks he’s found the perfect place to unwind and sink back into the shadows, in bursts Whitney Sinclair, a saucy firecracker who loves life and refuses to settle for second best. Full of contagious energy, she dares him to be brave, convincing him that it might finally be time to tell the world what he wants.

It might be time to make a declaration.

My Feelings!
AHHH!!!!! HANDS DOWN, MY FAVORITE BOOK OF THE SERIES 🙂 🙂 🙂 I think I mentioned up there that I really liked Carter. Well, Carter Montgomery, I FREAKIN LOVE YOU!!! hehe. Carter has been my favorite character for a while now, and it was sooooo nice to finally get his story. And even better? It’s from HIS point of view. Double YES!
Hehe. Okay. So, Declaration was such a good story. After having his heart broken by Kate, when she chooses Ryan, Carter moves away to get some space and find who he is without falling head over heels in love with a girl who’s got a serious boyfriends. He’s still torn over Kate’s decision, but he’s trying to move on, and somehow, he ends up in this place in the middle of nowhere, aka Sanibel Island, but thank god for that, because here he meets Whitney.
From his best friend days, Carter has been the most attractive out of all the Preservation characters, in my opinion 😉 I loved him, and I felt for him, and I fell for him hard.
So, when I get more of his beautiful musician talents and his feelings about everything, it was everything I hoped for. Carter always had this feeling of being ignored, just because of his past with Kate, and he’s trying to get over that. But, he’s loyal to a fault, and in my head, that was a HUGE reason that he couldn’t get over Kate sooner. He was just so lost without her feeling the same way, and he was trying to get past the rejection. But, Whitney changes everything for him.
First off, I’m so glad Whitney was who she was. I needed that down-to-earth, straight, and witty girl in this series. But she was also emotionally challenged. She my perfect mix of attitude and emotion, and I needed to see that character. And, man, did Whitney gave it to me. Declaration had me laughing and losing my breath, bit by bit, because of all the witty banter between the two. It was SOOO CUTE. And the perfect addition to this series. Whitney was like no one Carter had ever met before. She was not only beautiful, but she was intelligent as well. She, of course, had her own baggage, as did Carter, so they took things slow, but honestly, they were the perfect couple from the beginning.
They hit it off immediately, and at first they were just friends, but what I loved so much about Carter and Whitney’s story was that they complemented each other PERFECTLY. Carter got Whitney to open her heart up and accept his love for what it was, and have faith in something other than her walls, and he tore down those walls. And Whitney did the same thing for Carter. She showed him what real love was, and he realizes that what he felt for Kate was only a fraction of what Whitney was, and that was the most beautiful part of the story. Ultimately, Carter gets exactly what he deserved: the love of his life and his happy ending.
This book was such an emotional journey, and Carter and Whitney had the unavoidable bumps in the road, but they handled their problems and lives with grace and maturity. I loved how they completely gave themselves to the other, and it made my heart soar. Two such perfect people coming together made for a beautiful story. This was definitely my favorite of the series, and I definitely recommend to all of y’all. I know everyone will fall in love with Whitney and Carter, just as I did.
4.5 butterflies

About the Author

Displaying Rachael.jpg
Rachael Wade writes edgy New Adult and Adult romance and science fiction. She is the author of the Amazon bestselling PRESERVATION SERIES, THE REPLACEMENT, and LOVE AND RELATIVITY, as well as the paranormal romance series THE RESISTANCE TRILOGY. When she’s not writing, she’s busy going to concerts, watching too many movies, and learning how to protect animals and the environment. She’s an avid Brandi Carlile fan and loves all things Tim Burton. Visit her at and, and come chat with her on Twitter @RachaelWade.

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BLOG TOUR + REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Gabby Revealed by Amy Gregory

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Hey guys!!! Today I’m really excited to share with you my review of this AMAZING new book, plus a little giveaway!! 🙂 ♥
I hope you enjoy, and grab this read, because it’s a definite recommendation!
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Title: Gabby Revealed
Author: Amy Gregory
Series: Finding Perfect #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: March 25th, 2014
Source: I was given a review copy from in return for an honest review
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Gabby James didn’t have the idyllic childhood many in her little hometown of Renlend, Kansas had. High school was a living hell, but when she graduated she couldn’t bring herself to leave Renlend. The town was her prison, but her family’s bookstore, The Looking Glass, was her one true love. It was the place she could run to, and escape the prying eyes of the ones who taunted her.

Shane Compton was a literary agent in one of the most prestigious publishing houses in New York City. He found no greater rush than finding the next big talent, someone who could take the written word and turn it into an art form. In the span of one rude phone call Shane was drawn into the mystery of just who the fiery new author from Kansas was. When everyone else in the office refused to deal with her, Shane willingly accepted the challenge. There was no logic to the madness, but every time he had contact with her, she drove him wild.

Gabby tried every trick in the book to keep Shane at arm’s length, but he had made good on his promise to come to Kansas. He wanted to pull her out of anonymity, he wanted her in the public eye. Now here he stood, on the sidewalk in front her bookstore, and one look told her he was everything she was afraid he’d be. Too bad she was anything but who he thought she was. Gabby quickly discovers Shane has more on his mind than just books and with a little help from an ornery matchmaker, he shows her a whole new life through her looking glass.

Book Trailer

My Feelings!
GABBY REVEALED!!! YAY! 🙂 I really enjoyed reading Gabby’s and Shane’s story. It was such a great story to tell, and I really loved the characters and felt I could relate all of them. I loved Gabby, Shane, and especially John. I enjoyed their journey together, and I SOOO LOVEED the sass and the banter. It was such a good and heart-warming story.
Gabby has had a rough past, and has had to deal with bullying and not-so-nice high schoolers, but when she discovers a talent, she sends in her manuscripts to a literary agent in New York, and who better to receive them than the gorgeous Shane Compton? 😉 She was one of those characters who hides inside of herself. She was the one with the attitude hiding her distress, but her one outlet for her true feelings was John. And I LOVED HIM. LOL. His matchmaking skills were so on point, and he was one hilarious guy. He was like father/grandfather to Gabby, and I loved their relationship, and love and trust for each other.
Then comes along Shane, this big shot literary agent who basically fell for this fresh new author when he first read her book. He also has his own history, but he fights for he wants, and in this story, it’s Gabby. Shane was such a gorgeous character, and he redefined dedicated. I mean seriously. He has no doubts when it comes to Gabby, and I really respected that as I saw the fight in him, and I saw the love and affection for him. AH! SO CUTE! ♥
I enjoyed the banter between the two as well!!! 🙂
“Are you going to open the door, or what?”
“Or what?”
“Or what.”
“Oh my God. Just open the damn door, Shane. Why do you have to be so damn irritating?”
“Are you always this lovable…or is it just me?” he teased back.
I MEAN SERIOUSLY. LOL. I was laughing pretty hard, and there’s more from where that came from 😉 I really enjoyed Shane and Gabby as a couple as well. They were so perfect together, and even though it was a fight to get Gabby to open up, when she did, it was a beautiful thing that really made my heart soar 🙂
I absolutely adored Amy Gregory’s writing as she wove the beautiful story that was Gabby and Shane. It was SUCH a great ride, and I loved every second of watching them come together. CANT WAIT TO READ THE REST OF HER WRITING!!! 🙂

4 soaring butterflies from me 😉

4 butterflies

Be sure to watch out for the next book in series!!! 🙂

Reading Order (Finding Perfect Series):

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#1: Mike’s Way Back: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

#2: Gabby Revealed: Not Available at this Time

About the Author

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When asked ‘when do you have time to write’, Amy Gregory simply laughs. The real answer is, “in bits and pieces”. She and her husband live in Kansas City with their three fantastic kids that keep them running in three very different directions. Because she sits so much, she always carries a notebook with her at all times. She has an off the wall, snarky, off the cuff sense of humor that often shocks even those who’ve known her for years. And she loves that her children have all been blessed that ability to make others laugh as well. At least  she’s grateful most of the time! Her husband often teases her about how she “makes this stuff up” when he’s reading a piece of her work. … The answer—“it just comes to me when I’m typing”. Scary thought, huh!
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