About Me

HI GUYS! so, i’m Tushara (: a little background: i am a junior, 16 years old, love sports and reading (which takes up basically all my time…look out below, GPA), and have the most amazing friends a person can ask for. i live on the edge. HA! not really. i just wish i did LOL…if i were to go on a date, it’d be in a sofa with nice pillows and a cozy blanket and an amazing book. OH WAIT. i guess that makes the book my boyfriend. SOLD. I’LL TAKE IT. love those him already. (:


1. NEVER start the day off without waking up to the memory of my current book boyfriend…that can have some serious consequences..

2. ALWAYS have fun at whatever you do…everyone’s always told me I’m a well-rounded person, just because I LOVE to read and LOVE to play sports, but i think i’m good at stuff really just because I have so many amazing times doing whatever (:

3. NEVER play by the book…make up the rules as you go because you never know when circumstances will change (because, trust me, they will)

4. ALWAYS trust your imagination….it’ll take you long and far, and for the rest of your life, no matter where you are or who you’re with, you can always trust your imagination to take you to the greater places EVAR, much like books, might I add *wink wink* (;

5. FINALLY, surround yourself with the people you love…I had the good fortune of being born Indian, so here comes a LOT of family, and a LOT of relatives, all of whom I adore and love unconditionally…and then there are my friends, from my AMAZING yearbook gang (#ybgod) to my amazing indian posse to my fellow booklovers, who have given me everything I’ve ever wanted. THANKS GUYS ❤

Honestly, this blog is for y’all as much as it is for me, because I hope you enjoy the book and stories that unravel around us as much as I do!

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