REVIEW: Rematch by Janine Caldwell


Title: Rematch

Author: Janine Caldwell

Series: The Vortex Series #1

Genre: YA Romance/Science Fiction

Source: I received a copy from the author in return for a honest review!


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Trent Astor is many things—orphan, runaway, musician. But what’s most extraordinary about Trent is that he’s a time traveler. His supernatural gift sends him on missions to the past to save unsuspecting victims from harm. However, when he fails to save the life of a young girl, his life changes in ways he could never have dreamed.

At eleven-years-old, Cassie Moore suffered through a horrific shooting. Tragically scarred from the ordeal, the once promising tennis prodigy was forced to throw away all hope of a future in tennis. Now, as she begins her senior year of high school, the past continues to haunt her. She struggles to find herself, her self-esteem at an all time low. If only she could resolve the past, she might be able to move on with her life. She never imagined that could be possible until she meets the gorgeous new student in her PE class.

My Feelings 

Let me start off by saying that I haven’t read many time travel novels recently, or at all for that matter, but if they’re all like Rematch, GIVE ME ALL OF THEM!!! 🙂 Rematch was an absolutely fantastic read. It kept my attention the ENTIRE time and I was rooting for Trent and Cassie to the point where I was giggling into my phone every time they were together. *grins* The entire premise was really new to me, so obviously, I LOVED IT. But it wasn’t just the premise..It was the characters, the story, the support system. Everything made this book whole, so thank you, Janine Caldwell for such a well-written and engaging story!

The story is one that is basically about a girl whose tennis dreams are shattered after she gets shot, and who has to live with the aftermath for the rest of her life. BUT, that summary does Cassie, aka the girl with the shattered dreams, no justice whatsoever! This girl was captivating. Of course, she was a little childish, and still trying to get over not being able to play tennis, and be daddy’s little girl anymore, but that’s what made the story REAL. It made Cassie relatable, and it really struck a chord with me, because she was such a beautiful, caring, innately kind character who put her heart out there to *ahem ahem* TRENT.

YES jennette mcurdy

^HAHA. First off, YES PLEASE. hehe. Trent was pretty darn great. He was everything you could hope for in a hero. There was some serious angst, conflict, hiding away, but eventually he has to let everything out, and MAN was that one great explosion. I loved every second of his point of views in the book, because a lot of the time, I got to see the time travel and him traveling into the past, which I thought was PRETTY cool, and of course, his emotions were a total roller coaster. ( always a good thing of course 😉 ) 

Now, for the story itself, IT WAS GREAT. JUST GREAT! 🙂 I was flipping through the pages as fast as I possibly could because I was just aching to know what happens next. The beginning of the story, as expected, was a little slower than the rest of the book just because the setting was being painted and backgrounds were being established, but by the last half to quarter of the book, I was in serious need a fan. WHEW! That was some intense plotting. ALSO, this book was pretty fast-paced, which I thought was amazing. Amazing because it was SO cute (Trent+Cassie=OVERLOAD) and romantic, but at the same time it contained such great action. It was THE perfect combination! Props to Ms. Caldwell, again 🙂

The story really gave me hope. It’s one of those where you just can’t help but believe in fate and destiny, and have I mentioned HOW MUCH I LOVE COINCIDENCES?!? Well, yeah…they’re pretty awesome..I mean Trent going to the same school as Cassie; the same P.E. class; them falling for each other. *sigh* absolutely unbelievable. This book had me smiling and frowning and fawning all the way through! 🙂

Man, this was one heck of journey. From the main characters to supporting characters,  I got to experience SO many different things, and it kept me on edge until the very last page, which made my heart soar btw!! (sorry no spoilers here! 🙂 ) It was so different from what I usually read, but I’m so glad I picked Rematch up! definitely a series to watch out for!

4 soaring butterflies from me!!! ♥

4 butterflies


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