JOINT REVIEW: OBSIDIAN & ONYX by Jennifer Armentrout

Series: the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Book 1: Obsidian

Book 2: Onyx

Book 3: Opal (Published: December 11th, 2012)

  Book 4: Origin (Published: August 27th, 2013 )

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Purchase: Amazon(Obsidian), Amazon (Onyx)

Quick Synopsis


BOOK 1: Katy Swartz moved to West Virginia, right before her senior year, after her mom felt they needed they needed a fresh start. She feels like she’s like going to hate it, until she bumps into the hot abs of her new neighbor, Daemon Black. His smokin’ hot green eyes and naked chest render her speechless, and she’s drooling (metaphorically) until he starts to talk. AND THEN, everything’s just downhill in their relationship from there, so to speak. *cough, sexual tension, cough* 😉

Then, she meets his sister, Dee, and they become besties and all, and they’re pretty much inseparable, and due to this friendship, things get complicated, and then, all hell breaks loose when Katy finds out that Dee, Daemon, and their friends aren’t exactly human. And so, the story goes, with a couple of twist and turns. (AGH, such good ones 🙂 )

BOOK 2: Complications=Katy being bonded to Daemon. And she kinda hates it. And she kinda loves it. He’s still a jerk, and she’s still stubborn and feisty enough to deal with it. So, lots of hot and cold. Then, as if their relationship isn’t complicated enough as it is, the government, in this case, the DOD, steps in , and not in a good way. they’re threatening Daemon’s and Katy’s lives, lowkey, of course.

AND then, there’s this new guy at school, who isn’t at all who he seems. He’s a LOT more. AND then, Katy sees someone who should be dead, and then, drama ensues. And questions arise. Who’s the new guy, really? Should she tell Daemon? What should they do about it? Is that person really alive? What are they supposed to do about their newly forged connection?!

OK, I thinks that’s good enough.

NOW, My Feelings

THESE BOOKS WERE SOOOOO SOOOO GOOD. I haven’t picked up a Paranormal Romance in a while, because I was getting a little wary of the whole vampire/werewolf things, but when I read the blurb for this and saw the reviews, it was an immediate pickup the book and read, read, read. AND THANK GOD FOR THAT. because otherwise i would’ve missed out on a LOT.

First off, the characters were off the charts in this book. Especially the main ones. OK, one thing y’all should know: my favorite character is usually one of the supporting characters. BUT in this book?? NUH UH. honestly, i can’t take my pick between Daemon and Katy. Let’s talk about them shall we?

KATY. HEHE I get excited just saying her name 🙂 First thing that comes to mind is FIERCE. she’s a strong female character who doesn’t have that much baggage but has the greatest wit ever. I mean, her witty remarks and snaps had me smiling and snapping my fingers at Daemon every turn. Overall, her character was pretty darn amazing. I really fell for her straight from the beginning, because instead of swooning for the hot jerk,(or at least indulging in her swooning for the hot jerk) she walked away with her pride and taste intact. She was totally in control, and LOVE LOVE LOVED that! and of course, her willingness to take it all in. the aliens. the powers. the enemies. I never really thought she regretted any of it. She just went along with it. No drama in that department THANK GOD. thanks KATY ❤ and then, there was her AMAZING TASTE IN HOBBIES 😀 SHE’S A BLOGGER. DEAR GOD. I WAS CRUSHING SO HARD IN THAT MOMENT.I feel like that was one of the main aspects of her characters that really connected me to her. The fact that she cared so much for the book, and you could see that she really loved reviewing, vlogging, and picking up her books and cuddling to get a read in (:

and then, there’s DAEMON. FREAKING HOT DAMN DAEMON. i seriously couldn’t get enough of him 🙂 he was the perfect match for Katy, and vice versa, From the first peek at his naked chest to his HUGE ego  (in all the good ways, of course) UGH HE WAS SO DARN PERFECT! TOTALLY SWOONWORTHY. honestly. He made the book a lot of what it was: fun. intense. mind-blowng. incredible. yeah…the list goes on and on. 😉 With that gorgeous face and swagger of his, he’s so hard to resist. SO, thank god I didn’t have to resist anything. AGAIN, CRUSHING SO HARD. 🙂

the book itself? AMAZEBALLS. I ABS-FREAKING-LUTELY loved Ms. Jennifer Armentrout’s writing. I loved the style, the banter between Daemon and Katy, the friendship between Dee and Katy, and the family ties between Dee and Daemon and even Katy and her mom, and so much more.


as if the series was good enough, EVERYTHING TOOK A STEP UP. Daemon’s ego, Katy’s strength and fierceness, the tension between the two, and the drama in the story. AND as if her writing was already captivating in Obsidian, J Lynn took it up another notch, (something that I thought impossible, btw 😉 )

First, love triangle? PUH-LEASE. not even. not with my boy DAEMON in the house. HAHA. even though I loved the way that Blake’s appearance brought even more tension into Katy and Daemon’s relationship, we all know that there was no stopping THEM from happening HEH. makes me so happy. 🙂 AND Daemon’s constant naming process for Blake LOL. seriously. I think he went all the way from Bart to Bilbo. HA! take that, you sneaky little bastard  of course, Blake totally deserved every single second of it. NO COMING BETWEEN MY COUPLE, MAN.

AND then, there was seeing you-know-who, LIKE MIND. BLOWN. with the DOD coming in, and then the stone-that-hurts-like-a-bitch and the sexual tension, omg.

I thought Obsidian was good? Onyx was just great. incredible. fan-freaking-tastic. BREATH-TAKING. and did I mention Katy? She is really the best GAL EVAR. her blogging takes another stand (YIPPEEE! 🙂 ) and I loved every second of her reading obsessions. AND THEN. her growth in this book? off the charts. I loved her for taking everything in, and dealing with it, instead of internalizing it or just plain out bitching about it. Her strength and courage astonished me every step of the way. AND HER WIT STILL STRIKES HARD. man, she totally poses the challenge that Daemon needed to put down that biggish ego of his ;)..but they definitely belong together.and they totes figured it out, YAY! 🙂

the ending was the best. I REALLY LOVE ME SOME HAPPY ENDINGS! can’t wait for more tho!

SO, ALL IN ALL, these two together get, of course, 5 BEAUTIFUL, WELL-DESERVED BUTTERFLIES


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