HEY Y’ALL tushara here! basically, i’m an obsessed 16 year old. I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember, like I started the Sorcerer’s Stone in kindergarten and everything just went uphill from that! 🙂 I know. thank the lord for JK Rowling 

so, i don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to think that blogs are AMAZING. scratch that. I KNOW they’re amazing. Im so very excited to be doing this, and excuse any amateur mistakes or bursts of excitement, because I know they’re inevitable, just cuz im so DARN EXCITED 🙂 

This blog is about to become my life. I just know it. I love reading so much. It’s gotten me through so many rough times, giving me a laugh when i was about to straight up start a sob party for myself. Reading is my most important lifeline and honestly, if it weren’t for authors and the characters they create with their beautiful words and imaginations, I don’t know where or who I’d be today. 

HEHE SO, just to put it all out there, and give you a peek of some of the stuff that I really love and adore, some of the my favs are:

1. John Green…I mean because hello? JOHN GREEN. TFIOS struck a chord that I didn’t even know was there. THANK GOD FOR THAT. of course, all his other books were just as mind-blowing. 😉

2. Colleen Hoover….I mean because, she is just one extraordinary person and writer. her words come off the pages like no others and her stories come alive every second i’m reading her books, and im so thankful for the chance to be reading masterpieces like Slammed, Point of Retreat, and This Girl.

3. Penelope Douglas…..I mean because, BULLY. god that book was goooood. and MAN. HAVE YOU SEEN HER POST ABOUT HER HUBS? LOL, literally. they bring laughter into my life 🙂

4. Ally Carter….I mean for bringing Cammie and Zach and Bex and Lizzie and everyone else into my life. she and her peeps let me fulfill my lifelong dreams of being a spy…..and going to Paris.

Now for the series, and maybe books standalones (other than the ones mentioned above):

Wait for You-Jennifer Armentrout

Easy-Tammara Webber

Lost and Found-Nicole Williams

Crash-NIcole Williams

Left Drowning-Jessica Park 

Wallbanger-Alice Clayton

Sea of Tranquility-Katja Millay

Poison Study-Maria V. Snyder

Divergent-Veronica Roth

UGH THERES SO MANY MORE…but I won’t bore you guys..

BOTTOMLINE, authors like the ones above have brought something beautiful into my life, and this blog is dedicated to reviewing and commending and applauding and thanking every attempt an author has made to reach out into my (and a lot of other people’s) life. YES THOSE HEART-BREAKING, HEART-STOPPING, AND TEAR-INDUCING BUNDLES OF PAPER ARE WHAT MAKE ME HAPPY. 🙂 

oh. p.s. I plan on putting up reviews for every single one of those books above,so i bear with my blunders and mistakes, because although they’re bound to happen, it’s all to bring this beautiful blog to life.  hope you enjoy! (:


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